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Cute LOVE STORY...! There...
SMS Size : 3
There was a boy whø
daily sent
girlfriend a rose when
ever he
was out.
...1 day he died,
still his girlfriend
A Rose evryday,
She was shøcked she
asked the
she told her that her
had paid advance
for her whole life.
Love someone such
that it
remains forever…♥
Tortoise And A Rabbit Wro...
SMS Size : 2
Tortoise And A Rabbit Wrote An Entrance Exam,
Tortoise Got 80%, Rabbit Got 81%.
Both Went 4 Admission To An Engineering College,
Cut Off Needed Was 85%.
Rabbit Didn't Get Admission But
The Tortoise Got Admission.
U Remember When We Were In The
1st Std The Tortoise Won A Race.
Sports Quota 5% Marks Extra :-

One day Raja and rani
SMS Size : 2
One day Raja and rani decided to send messages to each other by using Pigeon instead of mobile.
The very next day pigeon reached raja without any message.
He angried and called to rani.She told stupi d
"This was a missed call".
ωσмєη ωιll вє ω...
SMS Size : 5
ωσмєη ωιll вє ωσмєη…
A 54 year old woman had a heart attack & was taken 2 the hospital.
While on the operating table she had a near death experience.
Seeing God she asked, “Is my time up ?”
God said, “No, you have another 34 years 2 live.”
Upon recovery, the woman decided 2 stay in the hospital
& have a face-lift, liposuction, & tummy tuck. She even changed her hair color
Finally she was released from the hospital.
While crossing the road on her way home, she was killed by a truck.
Arriving in front of God, she asked,
“You said I had another 34 years 2 live.
Why didn’t you save me from the truck?”
(You’ll love this)
God replied:
“I couldn’t recognize you!”
Death came to a guy
SMS Size : 4
Death came to a guy and said,
“My frnd today is ur day”
Guy: “But Im not ready!”.
Then death said,
“Well ur name is the next on my list”.
Guy: “Okay why don’t
u take a seat and I will
get u something to eat before we go?”.
Then death said,
“All right”
The guy gave death some
food with sleeping pills in it,
death finished eating
and fell into a deep sleep.
The guy took the list
& removed his name from top
of the list and put
into the bottom of the list…
When death woke up
he said to the guy,
“Because u have been so very nice to me,
I will start from
the BOTTOM of the list”
Two Butterflies Were In L...
SMS Size : 3
Two Butterflies Were In Love.
1 Day They Decided To
Play Hide N Seek, They Fixed A Flower
& Decided That, Tomorrow 1
Who Will Come First & Sit
On This Flower Will Love
The Other More. At Morning
The Female Butterfly Came
Very Early &Waited For The
Flower To Open. When It Opened
She Was Shocked To See That,
The Male Butterfly Had Died
Inside It, B’coz He Was
Waiting Since Last Night To Tell Her…!!
“How Much He Loves Her”
A Cute Love Story: A 20yr
SMS Size : 3
A Cute Love Story:
A 20yr Old Boy Get A 16yr
Beautiful Girls Photo On The
Street Side & He Fell In Love With That Gal.
His Love Towards Gal Grew More N More
He Started Loving
That Girl Very Much But
He Wasn’t Able To Meet That Gal
After Long Years His Wife Saw The Photo &
Asked “Where Did U Get Dz Photo?”
He Asked- Why?
She Said- “I Lost It When I Was 16yrs”.
True Love Never Fails
This Story Showed That Fa...
SMS Size : 7
This Story Showed That
Father Is D 1st Man,
Who Love Her Daughter More
Than Himself…

One Day An 11 Year Old Girl
Asked Her Daddy,
“What Are You Going To Get Me
For My 15th Birthday?”

The Father Replied,
“There Is Much Time Left.”

When The Girl Was 14 She Fainted
And Was Rushed To The Hospital.
The Doctor Came Out And Told Her
Dad She Had A Bad Heart & She Is
Probably Gonna Die…
When She Was Lying In The
Hospital Bed She Said
“Daddy… Have They Told You
I Am Going To Die ?”

The Father Replied; “No You Will Live”
As He Left Weeping.
She Said “How Can You Be Sure.”
He Turned Around From The Door
And Said “I Know.”
She Turns 15
When She Is Recovering And Comes
Home To Find A Letter On Her Bed.
It Says ;
“My Dearest Daughter,
If You Are Reading This It Means All
Went Well As I Told You. One Day You Asked
Me What I Was Giving You For Your 15th
I Didn’t Know Then But Now My
Present To You Is MY HEART.”

Her Father Donated His Heart … !


There Was A Girl And
SMS Size : 5
There Was A Girl And A Boy.
Girl Proposed The Boy
And Boy Agreed…..

Girl Always Used To Say That
My Heart Is Not Mine Its Always With You….
& I Am Living Without Heart……

After Few Month Girl Said
That I Cant Marry You
Becoz My Parents Are Not
Allow Me But

We’ll Be Frnds 4evr.
After Few Months Girl
Got Married Another Boy..

After 2 Days Of Her Wedding,
Girl Looking Her Wedding Gifts.
She Came Across A Gft & Start Crying

The Gft Was D Heart Packed
In A Glass Jar With Full Of Blood…
The Lid Of The Jar Was Attached With The Paper

Written On It..

”Hey Stupid Ur Heart Is With Me Na Than What Will U Give To Ur Husband?
Little Girl And Her Fathe...
SMS Size : 4
Little Girl And Her Father
Were Crossing A Bridge.

The Father Was Kind Of Scared
So He Asked His Little Daughter,

Sweetheart, Please Hold My Hand
So That You Don’t Fall Into The River.

The Little Girl Said, ‘No, Dad.
You Hold My Hand.’
‘What’s The Difference?
Asked The Puzzled Father.

There’s A Big Difference,
Replied The Little Girl.

If I Hold Your Hand And
Something Happens To Me,

Chances Are That I May
Let Your Hand Go.

But If You Hold My Hand,
I Know For Sure That
No Matter What Happens

You Will Never Let My Hand Go.’

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